I’m so proud of Lisa.
May I tell you her story please?
And if you wish, you too can use these proven and simple strategies to create your own success.  Love having options to choose from, don’t you?

Several years ago, Lisa came to me, when she  said that she had literally “run out of money”. She  also said that she felt like she was working longer and longer hours, was taking on more projects and she still “wasn’t getting anywhere”. And she also said that, “she wasn’t getting any younger”.

There was no fun, lots of credit card debt… and she was tired. She felt so alone. She said that the only “friends” she had, seemed to want something from her.

Life was exhausting.

Lisa confided in me, saying, “I look and feel awful. My skin is blotchy and I often have “break outs” even though I’m not a kid. I’m constantly tired and still can’t sleep. Everything feels like it’s a mess…I want so much more out of life. And despite working longer hours, I’m not getting ahead.

She was feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

So we made a plan.

We began with just one area of her life… before moving on to others. We kept it simple and easy.

The trouble was, when she felt helpless, she felt unmotivated so she avoided looking after herself. She crawled out of bed at the last moment, ate poorly and she was now getting home at night and drinking to excess. Her Doctor was talking Type 2 Diabetes.

Her dream was a “paid for” home, some small investments to begin with, no debts and some loving friendships. She also wanted a leaner and fitter body, better skin and more energy. She wanted to look better, not so tired.

And she wanted a simpler life… where she felt that she had some backup.

So, over 18 months. we devised and worked through this action plan…

  • Lisa had a business that she felt she was drowning in. We sourced some “virtual” help to take the load off her current administration needs, freeing up her time to spend on profitable areas. She employed virtual book keepers, a virtual VA, a social media VA. She sorted out her tax.  We identified a new business direction that would better suit her, and gradually transitioned her old business into the new.
  • Lisa explored wider and more delicious wholefood options and took targeted anti ageing supplements which supported optimum thinking, optimum health  and increased her energy levels. She set up frequent, small sessions of pleasurable and fun exercise.  Her stress levels diminished and her skin began to look better. (btw our skin is a barometer, showing us on the outside, what is happening on the inside.)
  • Lisa learnt about turning back inflammation in her body. And her mind and her skin continued to clear even more so. She experienced better sleep and had more energy.
  • Lisa created a beautiful wardrobe that made her feel fabulous and a living environment that she couldn’t wait to get home to at night. She got rid of She created “thinking spaces”. She became more clear about who she was and what she wanted and what she loved.
  • Lisa wrote in her journal every morning, designing how she wanted her days to feel, giving herself encouragement, rewarding herself for her courage and her successes. Her “journal” became her joy and perhaps, her best and most encouraging “friend”.
  • Lisa worked out why she always put herself last, and then did something about it. She learnt to accept and breathe through her emotions, and eventually, when she stopped “emotionally” eating, she slimmed down and she returned to health.
  • Lisa arranged for her credit cards to be paid off at a lower interest rates, caught up on her tax and found herself regularly saving. In time, she employed a cleaner and we installed better home management systems.
  • Lisa focused on activities that gave her pleasure and she met people with similar loves. As her “energy” levels rose, her life “healed” and better opportunities came her way.
  • Happiness created more happiness.
  • Lisa also began putting in place regular and inexpensive and low stress “staycations” where she caught up on some personal interests. She then booked her dream trip to New York.

I loved watching Lisa becoming stronger, more self assured and more at ease.  She looked beautiful, younger and happier. It was such a joy to watch. And she couldn’t believe what she had achieved!

Were there any difficulties?  Of course, learning self discipline and accountability at first wasn’t much fun.  However, when you come from knowing that those skills will eventually be your best support giving you the life that you want, you learn to love “your” version of self discipline.  And these new skills are invaluable in helping new habits to “stick”. And those “friends” who were invested in the “old” Lisa and her old ways? They left her. Her new friends, are warm, supportive and helpful.

The result was that within 18 months, Lisa had created a life that she truly loved.

Has this given you some helpful ideas?

I hope so.

As always, if you need some help, please message me.

I send you every wish for a beautiful day.