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Helping women over 40 restore their vitality and zest for living is more than just a business to me. It’s a way of life. It’s the way I live!

I’m fascinated by the mind/body connection and how they work together to our benefit and determent. I’m passionate about harnessing this amazing connection to create the best possible version of myself and my clients. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with women who crave better health and more energy regardless of where they are on life’s journey. I believe that our mind and body have an innate ability to stay well and with the right help, to heal itself. We can turn back the aging clock regardless of our age and we can create sensuous, relevant lives. I share this and more with my clients and the women in my community.

4 Steps for Living, Feeling and Staying Young.

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The Three Pillars

When it comes to living, feeling and staying young, I take a holistic approach. I call them The 3 Pillars which include: Nutrition, Brain+Body and Mindset. Individually each pillar helps us create a more youthful and energized life. Combined, they create an unstoppable force of wellness and vigor.

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Season for Self Care

We are now settling into Autumn, and if you are in the Northern hemisphere, Spring!  Both are beautiful transitional months.  It's time to set ourselves up for the the season ahead. This month, I plan to have more focus, space and peace. More time for mind wandering, more health [...]

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“Susan has incredible insight and great focus. She has the ability and respect and work with people to pull all the pieces together and make energy work for them in positive ways. Susan helps develop clients great strengths and develops the deepest resources within them.  She helps them to find focus, to use their own energy to move forward and create good things and shows them how to maintain it. Susan has many great exercises for clients to learn from, is open with her logic and working philosophies and helps those forge ahead without barriers or band aids.

I have the personal experience to recommend Susan Macintosh as a first class teacher of the skills needed for one to be successful.”

“Susan, I just wanted to let you know that I am really impressed with your coaching. I have had coaching before, but nothing like this.  I think that your questions are great and I am totally blown away by your ability to see right through me and to call me on issues I can’t see. Thanks so much.”

“Susan, your magic happens in so many ways, from the teeny tiny little steps you don’t even notice until you look back and see how far you have come, to the monumental life changes that are all for the very very best. It is exciting, delightful and wonderful.”

“Susan is an energetic and creative coach who takes her clients on a magical trip of finding their best selves. As a colleague, I find it exciting to speak to Susan and I love her ability to think outside-the-box. With Susan, I discover possibilities that excite me. She is an intelligent and highly dedicated coach with a great sense of humour whom I highly recommend.”

“Susan is affirming, positive and the time I have spent with her has been life changing for me and just at the right time.  She has been inspirational and meeting Susan has been one of the best things that has happened to me.”

“Thank you Susan. For just being who you are. You have had such an impact on my life and have allowed me to hold space for things I can’t even put into words.  I am do grateful for the gift of your integrity and insight.  You wield magic light, you truly do.”

“I’m beginning to feel beautiful again. And life is so full of new activities.. I can’t believe how much my life has changed since I met you. You gently sow seeds and then, a little while late… they bloom!”

“I personally love your style of coaching, it’s my weekly (or sometimes daily lol) kick in the right direction.  There’s been a massive shift in my life recently and new doors are opening! Plus I feel happier within myself and I can deal with the daily struggles of motherhood much better. Seriously everyone if you haven’t been coached by Susie you’re missing out!”

I’m loving the private client contact notes, the newsletter and the private Facebook community posts and the thoughts and reflections that come with them.

Susan, I’m very thankful for you.

I just had a major insight…

As you suggested I sat with my anxiety, not trying to avoid it. And I just realized that anxiety isn’t the only emotion I try to avoid. And I don’t try to avoid just the bad emotions, either.

After our coaching session yesterday I came away with SOOO much excitement for what I want to do, and you know, what I realised is that instead of letting myself be excited, I’ve been trying to *get rid of it* so that I can sit down and get to work.

Unbelievable!!! Who doesn’t want to be excited?!?! So instead, I’m going to give myself as much time as I want to be excited. Woohoo!

Love that you have helped me and others  to live life complete and fully ❤️
Lina Lai

Hi Susan. I wanted to let you know I took your very sage advice and put it into practise. It’s working wonders!…and it’s so easy!!

Thank you so very much. It’s amazing how one small change can have such an astonishingly beneficial impact. ??

Sue Jones, Your Content Goes Here
“I attended the online future planning session that

Susan H. Macintosh

put on for us yesterday…wow!

Thankyou Susan, I planned, got ideas, learnt some relaxation techniques and got my pencils out and coloured into the night…I cant believe you shared all that, with notes, for free…actually I can…you are one of the most generous souls I have been privileged to meet…if you get the chance to join any of these do it…you won’t be sorry!” 
P.H., Your Content Goes Here

“Thank you, I treasure your thoughtfulness, your challenge, your gentleness, your laughter, your subtlety, your wickedness, your inquisitiveness, you make me smile. Love you heaps.”

M.C., Your Content Goes Here

I love hearing from you and knowing that you’re never far away ? my confidence for my future and life comes from having you so close ?

Gloria K

What’s It All About

If you’re a woman over 40 and you want to look and feel young and enjoy life to its full potential, and you’re ready to explore the link between mind and body to achieve a youthful appearance and a youthful outlook on life, then you’re in the right place.



I’m a Personal Life Coach who also draws upon her Nursing background, hypnotherapy, NLP and Nutrition studies. I help my my to become stronger, wiser, more capable and more beautiful. My clients create lives that they love. They feel happier, look younger and stay younger.

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