Together we will explore ways to create a healthy body for you, which feels nourished and nurtured.

I believe in taking and combining the best science from western, eastern and green medicine.

All good change, including how our body works, how we think, through to anti-ageing, starts with looking after your gut, then eating good food which creates better cellular health. Together we will also work to reduce inflammation at a cellular level within your body, reducing the source and symptoms of chronic inflammatory disease. This creates a younger and more vibrant you, who can think more clearly, move more freely, and live life more fully.

I don’t believe in restrictive or punitive diets. I do believe in eating a wide variety of whole foods, high in plant content to create high levels of anti-oxidants within the body, with good fats, good levels of protein and which are also low in harmful sugars. I believe in following a food philosophy which encompasses delicious, real, natural and better than organic pure food.

We will also explore the role of nutraceuticals (pharmacy grade ultra-pure, scientifically proven, food supplements) which have specific targeted outcomes for your body. And we closely monitor how your body is responding to this tailored programme. We are looking to create sustainable success for your health for the rest of your life.


I help you to understand how your thinking which is unique to you, works. The stories that we tell ourselves are powerful. It’s important to tell ourselves the right stories! I will show you how to turn up good gene behaviour and conversely, turn down bad gene behaviour. I will explain how your body chemistry, which is the foundation of your thinking, can create a more successful thinking pathway for you. We will also explore what else makes you think the way that you do, what drives you, what your value systems are, what you feel you are missing out on and we will also nurture your spiritual world.

Along the way, together, we will create a life of self-compassion where you will develop feelings of greater ease within your mind and body, regardless of your age.

Then there is fun and play! I am so looking forward to introducing you to both your older and younger self. Your younger self will remind you how to inject the enthusiasm and curiosity of your childhood into your present life, and you’re older and wiser self will become your best friend, mentoring you through difficulties, and keeping you on track. We will create a life that you love, encouraging new adventures, excitement and awe.


It may be that you want your life to include a beautiful home or more close friends? You may want to work on your career or professional life? We invite romance and sensuality back into your life. And we also will explore, how, with greater ease, you can discover and achieve your personal desires. You will learn to live the life of the woman you always wanted to be, embracing imperfect beauty (wabi sabi) living artfully, having grace and creating beauty where ever you may be.

I will also encourage you to live naturally, embark upon journeys, have a fascination for the world around you and develop a passion for continuous learning. We explore science based botanical skin care including the latest beauty device technologies. Your skin tells me how well you are! We will also explore how to dress your body, to create more self-confidence, to embrace your feminine energy and learn the skills of charm, create deeper connections, build better relationships, understand and make better money choices. And I will teach you how to build and have your own personal team who will support you through adversity and celebrate with you, your daily celebrations!

Living young is about living a fascinating life and being young for as long as you choose to live.

And it all happens through the transformational power of fun and play!


Schedule a (complimentary) introduction and let’s chat and see how I can help you!