I’m going to make a prediction about one year from now.

You’ll be thinking about New Year’s Eve and resolutions for 2022 and you’ll be saying to yourself.

I wish I’d…

… spent more time with my family and friends, more time living life and making memories… and less staring at a computer screen.

… taken up that opportunity for a new dance class, joined that walking group or created a garden.

… been more open to challenging my beliefs, to accepting new ways of living and living younger.

… spent more time traveling, exploring and having adventures.

… made new nurturing friendships and left behind the unhealthy ones.

… read more books and discover new people, thoughts, philosophies and ways of seeing the world.

… started writing, painting, making something creative for myself.

… said no more often to things that didn’t feel right in my “hut” (heart and gut).

… bought that ridiculous, fabulous sexy French lingerie, not the sensible undies from Target.

… taken 3 baby steps every day towards a new life, a new career, a new way of being.

… lived a simpler life of ease.

… laughed more.

… given the housework a timeout and gone on emore lazy day picnics.

… given up on FOMO and instead had trusted myself to know what my body, heart and mind knew intuitively and from lessons previously learned.

… not attempted those crazy diets and fads and instead focused on pleasure and love and nourishment and good food.

… found a community to support me on your journey.

… and the list goes on.

365 days from today you be one year older. As self evident as it’s true!

Whether your life is the same, different or better is up to you.



… to start changing your world for the better.

… to choose love over fear.

… to say, “I am ready to start treating my life, and my body, with the respect I deserve.”

… to start creating the life that you crave.

One year from now, you are going to wish you had started today.