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Wake up and go to bed!

This note is about a very important topic.  It's about You and Your sleep. ? It seems that lots of us aren't sleeping well, let alone resting enough. “Resting” while binge watching your favorite show on Netflix or infini-scrolling social media feeds doesn’t count. Most of us are chronically sleep-deprived or experience poor-quality sleep.  Even me! It seems no-one is immune to this pandemic of restlessness.  The causes vary widely. Our brains crave certainty and when uncertainty abounds like it does today, we experience overwhelm and anxiety. The first thing that takes the hit is our sleep which effects our ability [...]

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Making Space

How to clear some mental space in your life. School and the working year of 2022 have started here in the southern hemisphere and already I can see and feel the growing sense of overwhelm in people. Some schools are being closed down due to COVID outbreaks adding complexity to the work / kids juggling act. It's not easy having split loyalties. If you haven't done it before, working from home can be challenging. There's an art to building a structure that works when working from home. Homeschooling is not easy at the best of times and requires a good [...]

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What’s It All About

If you’re a woman over 40 and you want to look and feel young and enjoy life to its full potential, and you’re ready to explore the link between mind and body to achieve a youthful appearance and a youthful outlook on life, then you’re in the right place.



I’m a Personal Life Coach who also draws upon her Nursing background, hypnotherapy, NLP and Nutrition studies. I help my my to become stronger, wiser, more capable and more beautiful. My clients create lives that they love. They feel happier, look younger and stay younger.

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