Nutrition … nourish and cherish your body to feel and stay young.

All of us know what to eat.  However, we often don’t fuel our mind and body in the way that we know that we should.  Why is that?  When working with me, we explore how you can create a food philosophy which supports the way that you think, tricks the way that you think (!), your genetic makeup and your wants and needs.

We explore what is “natural”, what is “better than organic” and how to nurture and nourish your cells without deprivation.

Your cells need specific nourishment to maintain peak vibrancy and health.  We can create more energy, sleep better, reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, all through food.

I believe in you having your own personal programme.  There is no one size fits all.  We look to see whether you are absorbing what you are eating, and if not, why not.  And then what we can do to change this.  And I also love to share with you what is happening in the world of good and fabulous food.  I am passionate about real food!

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