I don’t have to tell you that we’re going through an unusual time right now.

And though everyone else is talking COVID-19 as I am not an expert in that area, you won’t hear me saying much about it.

However, as an allied health practitioner and coach, I believe in being practical and in using evidence-based strategies to better support us. And I can talk about these, as that is something I do know about. For everything else, I find an expert in that area to help me.

I feel that doing anything else isn’t helpful.

I do believe in working at boosting my immune system, placing a strong emphasis on nutrition, removing stress and sleeping more. I also take pharmaceutical grade wholefood and botanical supplements. (they are peer-reviewed and evidence-based and I have total faith in their ability to work.)

Then I move on with life, albeit in a modified way.

I also believe it’s essential to focus on the power of your mind to create opportunity, not indulging in fear-based thinking. Fear isn’t helpful.

I’m also excited in a way as over the next few months, as we become more home-based, I see that as giving us a window of time to do something quite extraordinary for ourselves. It’s an ideal opportunity to do the work that we need to do, to create lives that we love.

It’s also the perfect time to put in place exquisite self-care to boost our long term health and immunity, creating a strong foundation for the years to come.

Let’s work together to turn this time that we have into a time that we can look back on and be grateful for.

“How can I make the most of this situation?” is at the top of my daily thought list right now.

It should be on the top of your list too.

If you want to be an expert on the COVID-19 then please head over to the W.H.O. report site and read their daily bulletins.

They have daily bulletins of fact-based, peer-reviewed information. And you will be getting the right information promptly as events unfold.

I only look at sites like this, which are clear and fact-based.

Anything else I find isn’t helpful in managing my “day to day” activities.

If I find myself feeling anxious, then I use a mantra like this.   Maybe you will find it helpful too?

“All has been well.
All continues to be well in my every day.
All will be well, whatever happens.”

It changes the way that you think and clears the way for you to find helpful solutions. ANd isn’t that what we really need?

That’s the power of using the right language. We think either in images or languages, so choosing the right images and language is very important.

I’ll be writing more of my thoughts in my newsletters, over the next few days, on how you too can use this time to flourish.

I hope that you have a beautiful week.

And if you need help to manage what’s happening around you, please reach out for help.

Lots of love,