A couple of days ago I heard that a young mum had been diagnosed with “the” virus.


She went shopping for food for her young family.

You might say, “what’s the problem? She’s young.”

Well, she is immunocompromised. It’s serious.
I have a neighbour. He’s a wonderful and very gentle and not very old human bean. Every morning he walks past my front fence to collect a coffee for both himself and his wife. It gives him a reason to be out and about. (until now) He looks fit and healthy and very handsome.

He has Motor Neurone Disease. It’s serious.


The couple next door is in their late 70’s, early 80’s and are well to all intents. However, for them, it’s serious.


There is a family up the road, with a delightful and bouncy young man of 7, who is just now back at school. He is in remission for leukaemia. It’s serious.


I am thinking that it’s kinda about time that we looked at what we are doing a little differently.


Before I did things like ICU/CCU, the specialty of my general nursing training (a 100 years ago) was chest diseases.


As a young and impressionable student, I was taught how quickly bacteria and virus could multiply and travel. I remember watching an old black and white training movie, of a nurse “inadvertently” leaving a contaminated thumbprint on a piece of equipment in a sterile environment. We then watched the “spread.” And the “speed of that spread.”


It all happens silently and much faster than you think.


I also know what can happen to the lungs. And how sometimes, they don’t recover. I’m thinking that It’s not pretty living with lung disease.


Yet, simple and easy things stop your lungs from being hurt.


1. Not being in contact with anyone else. Seriously, stay at home.

2. Good hygiene. As in washing hands frequently. Especially if you have been outside or in contact with money, credit cards, cell phones or others.

3. Changing kitchen towels, dishcloths, towels etc. daily.

4. Washing your sheets, tea towels, towels and clothing in hot water and then line drying.

5. Not wearing dirty shoes inside. Leave them by the front door.

6. And mop your floors with hot water and a disinfectant wash. (think of the workout!)

7. Think of lemons, salt, sunshine, fresh air, pure essential oils, and a sanitiser heavy in cleaning alcohol being part of your first line of defence. The scent of old fashioned clean, if nothing else is delicious.


That’s how we beat bugs and viruses in the old days.


Come to think about it, It’s probably not much different these days. (actually, if you look up the W.H.O. as I did to check, they will tell you that this is what you should do.)

If we all imagined that we had the virus and that we didn’t want to give it to anyone else, I wonder how that would change the way we all behave?

To that end, we, here in our home, have been taking life very quietly for the past two weeks.

How about you do that too, because, at the moment, it’s kinda serious.

If not for you, then for someone else.

Just thinking.


X.O. Lots of Love.


P.S.: Let’s be strong and kind.

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