Coaches are useful for more than just the gym. Having a pro in your corner can help identify obstacles, clarify your priorities and stay accountable. Here’s a run down of the coaching I provide to my clients.



Are you feeling that there must be more to life and a better way that’s alluding you? Exhaustion, futility and irrelevance are just a few of the symptoms when you’ve lost your direction. It sounds easy enough to simply get back on the path! But often times you’re not even quite sure where the path is, let alone where it’s going!
Coaches help clear the brush and find that path again and declare a destination.


“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and other (scientifically disproven) idioms have left us in maturity with the false notion that the opportunity for change lies behind us. Whether your aim is to improve your body, overcome old patterns or change who you see in the mirror… I will help you identify your old beliefs that aren’t serving you and forge new ones which will create a new, better and younger you.


The connections between health, happiness and longevity are self-evident yet the mechanics of how they intertwine are elusive. I’ve come to understand equanimity is an exercise, not an end result. I teach clients techniques tap their innate wisdom and find that “peace” of the puzzle that’s missing.


Thinking and eating are intimate bedfellows and yet often at odds with one another. Simply knowing “what” to eat isn’t enough. Genetics, food choices, supplementation and mindset all play their part in the orchestra of you! I work with clients to identify the instruments they need for a more vibrant life.


“The mind is an excellent servant and a terrible master.”

Have you noticed the common thread in all of these topics? Hint: It’s between your ears! I leverage hypnotherapy and other brain hacking techniques to create a mindset that helps you achieve your goals.


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