There you are, I’ve been waiting for you…

Dear “you”,

We are so delighted to welcome you into our community. 

We want you to know, in your heart of hearts, regardless of your age, that it’s never too late to start for you to start over again.

We want you too, to feel sensuous, beautiful, strong and adventurous as you age young.

We are passionate about you being able to feel and look and live younger.

And in you having fabulous health, luscious skin and eyes that sparkle.

We want to inspire you to dream. Then accomplish those dreams. Regardless of your age.

We want your life filled with passions and interests and heart connections.

We want for you to have a life of  simplicity, ease, elegance, humble luxury, femininity and … sparkles!

We  want to hear about and celebrate with you, your unique journeys and glorious adventures.

We want you to know that you are not alone. Together, we can figure anything out.

And we truly look forward to chatting with you and spending time together.

XO  “Live Young” 

Now a little about me .

“I believe in living a life of elegance, beauty, simplicity and ease. Fun and laughter.

And in humble luxury.

I’m constantly asking myself, how can I make this easier?

I believe in slowing down and filling my days with pleasure.

I believe that you are “never behind”.

I believe in and understand the power of exquisite self care.

I know that intertwining simplicity, ease and fun with wisdom is the only way for me to live well.

I believe that life is to be filled with treasured “memory making moments”, pink champagne and home made tea cake.

I believe in dreaming and accomplishing those dreams, at whatever age you may be. And if I don’t quite succeed, at the very least I’ve have had some fun trying!

I know that I can figure anything out.

I am passionate about fabulous health, luscious skin care and living younger. I adore my Beauty Devices and won’t travel without them.

I’ll happily share my passions and inspirations with you.

I’m a classics kinda girl.

I love  journeys.

My rambling Edwardian home is filled with bowls of white orchids,  heritage roses, music, family and friends.

I love to have tea on the front veranda, and feed the resident “maggies”.  And smell the scents that come wafting by… a heady mix of sea salt, roses, frangipani and jasmine.

My kitchen is filled to the brim with books… cooking, gardening, architecture, travel and interior design.

I aspire to a daily walk on “my beach” in Summer, with bare toes in soft white beach sand and the waves of the teal blue Indian Ocean lapping beside me.

And I love fossicking on a winters beach after a storm.

I love sitting under the stars on a summers evening with friends.

And on a winter’s evening, looking up into the velvety black expanse of the sparkly Milky Way.

I always love where I live.

I believe in sharing my kitchen table with my family and treasured friends. We eat slow food and drink beautifully crafted wines.

And, I believe  in the wisdom of exquisitely made chocolate eclairs!

I LOVE summery days, salt laden air, whipped home made vanilla cream ice cream and the finest and softest of white cotton sheets and afternoon naps … and  every room being filled with books and scented flowers…

I adore George, our Aussie Shepherd.  Shh…we can’t call him a dog as he thinks that he is another human!

I know I know…I might just have a “little” shoe fetish …

I want to feel sensuous, beautiful, strong and adventurous regardless of my age.

And I want to know, in my heart of hearts, regardless of my age, that it’s never too late to start again.”

XO  Susan

Now, back to you.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and join with us here.

Do you have a personal manifesto you would like to share?

Please do. Write to me and tell me all about you.

Lots of love.