Have you ever spent time dreaming about something, then thought to yourself that you are “dreaming”? In your wildest imagination, you can’t possibly have whatever it is.   It’s way beyond your ability or affordability or life circumstances?

And then, you settle for something less.

How does that make you feel?

Instead, would you like to know a deceptively simple exercise or two where you can create more of the things you want to create?

It will seem so easy that you will think to yourself, it can’t possibly work. (love that)

Are you willing to give it a go?

Good. Let’s  do it.

I want you to set aside a couple of hours.  Put your phone away. A long way away. Shut the door. Have water, tea, coffee, wine on hand. Play some music in the background.

Kick off your shoes.

Now, sit quietly and day dream.

Dream of what you want your life to feel like, be like, look like.

Dream about the people and the conversations that you want to have, your travel plans… whatever it is that you desire.

Remember there are no limits on dreams!

Now, write a list of 100 things that you would like to do.  Don’t be concerned as to how you are going to them… just write that list.  From simple to complex wants. And as many as possible.

Step one.

I like to have what I call a dream journal.  It’s a separate book, for this purpose only.

After a couple of days of mulling your “wants” over, draw up 3 separate pages within this book.

The title of the first page is “Definite Wants”. Be very clear and detailed about what you want. You have to feel see and taste that “want” within your imagination. And it’s important to hand write your notes by hand.

The second page is for “One Day” wants.

The third page is for “It Would Be Nice, Perhaps” wants.

We are focusing  on the “definite” wants.

Take the list of definite wants (say around ten), write them on a card that will fit in your purse. Take it out and look at it every day.

Step two.

Create a vision board or a “mind map” with the top ten of your “definite wants”.

Write lots of details. Add in images. Make it colourful. Be very specific.

Keep that vision board somewhere you will see it every day. You might even like to make two and place them in separate areas of your home. Perhaps even take a photo and use it as a screen saver?

Step three.

Now step back and be fascinated to watch what happens next..

You will begin to become aware of new ways to achieve your top ten.

For example it may be that you will notice and then take part in appropriate learning courses. Unexpectedly you will meet people who can help you.  You will see and take up unexpected opportunities within your business and within your personal life.

In other words, you will find ways to take action to match your intentions.

Remember though, you do have to take action when an opportunity presents itself. You can’t sit on the couch and hope that something is going to happen.

Manifestation is an active process.

Now, as each “want” is accomplished, add another from further down your list.  Before you know it you will be achieving most things on that list without even thinking about it! Oh.. if your “wants” are large and seemingly unattainable, break them down into smaller steps. Then attend to those smaller steps, one by one.

It’s fun, simple and easy.

And you will be surprised with how quickly you will achieve that list of “wants”.

And it all starts with dreaming!