I’d love to give you the gift of a beautiful visualization script I use which is perfect for washing away your worries.

It’s about tossing away the things that haunt you. Those heavy piece of baggage you’re tired of lugging around. These could be worries, anxieties, insecurities, a limiting belief or an old habit. Anything you’re ready to “wash away”.  When we get rid of the old stuff, we make room for the new!

I think we all have “something” (now more than ever) that we would like to release from our life.  

There is something about the sea, whether it be the salty air, the movement of the water, or the sound of the waves that give us a deep sense of peace. 

Moving water is also used in much of our mythology to symbolize the act of washing away worries.

Whether we physically throw pebbles, rice, pieces of bread which symbolize our fears into the water or we imagine setting them down to be washed away. 

Not all of us can get to a moving body of water to throw our symbolic pebbles… this is where a guided visualization helps. 

Practice this relaxation exercise as often as you wish.

Gradually, with practice, the effect becomes stronger and stronger… and simpler and easier to bring on those feelings of serenity and peace.

Lots of Love,

XOXO Susan


A script for releasing the things that haunt you, the things that feel heavy, the things you don’t want to carry any longer, the thoughts and feelings you want to remove from your life. 

They could be worries, anxieties, insecurities, a limiting belief, an old habit, or something else you wish to “wash” away. 

Out with the old. Bringing in the new.

You can either go to a beautiful beach (or a river or a lake where you would feel comfortable swimming). Or use your imagination to visualize your favorite beach.

Sit somewhere comfortable.

Gently close your eyes.

Relax your body.  Allow your arms to go limp… then your legs…

Feel your fingers and toes becoming loose and relaxed…

Now relax your neck and back … 

Release the hold of your muscles all the way from your head, down your neck…

“See” and relax each vertebra, one by one, all the way down to the tip of your spine.

Breathe deeply, drawing air fully into your lungs…. and release the air with a whooshing sound.

Breathe in again, slowly…. pause for a moment…. breathe out.

Draw a deep breath in…. and out.

In….. out.

Over … and … over.

Become more and more relaxed with each breath.

Feel your body giving up all the tension…. becoming relaxed…. and calm…. peaceful.

Listen to your breathing…. your heart….to the sounds around you.

Hear them begin to gently fade away. 

Feel the air quietly moving around your face.

Create a wave of relaxation letting it flow from the soles of your feet, through your ankles to your lower legs, hips, tummy, chest, back, hands, lower arms, elbows, upper arms, shoulders, neck, back of your head, face, and the top of your head.

Feel your cheek muscles relax and become heavy. 

Allow your entire body to rest gently, yet heavy on the surface where you sit or lie. Now that your body is fully relaxed …

Think of the beach in front of you. 

Imagine you are walking from where you are now sitting toward the water’s edge.

You can hear the waves …. you can smell the ocean spray…. the air is pleasant and warm.

You can see the brilliant blue color of the ocean ahead.

The sand is soft and warm; your feet are bare.

The beach is wide and long. Curving away on either side of you.

You hear the waves gently lapping onto the shore.

You smell the perfume of the salty air.

You stand for a few moments, still and silent, watching the waves gently coming and going…

The colour of the sea is a beautiful blue. 

You walk into that area of the beach, where the waves join the shore. 

There are swirls of tiny soap bubbles around your feet.  

The water is cool and refreshing. 

You feel your toes grip the moving sand.  

The waves come and go… gently.  

This is a good place to let your worries go.

And as you stand there, you reach into your pocket, pull out each worry one by one and put it down on the sand by your feet.  Take your time. 

As you put each one down, thank and acknowledge each one for the life lesson that they may have taught you. But now it is their time to leave.

They no longer have a place in your life.

You see them sitting there, heavy and still, on the sand… but as you watch, bit by bit, over a few minutes, the lapping waves pick them up and wash them away. Until they disappear over the horizon and out of sight. 

You can no longer see them. 

You begin to feel a lightness.

The load has been lifted. All tension has gone.

You are feeling pleasantly warm… the water is cold and swirling around your ankles… the waves coming and going. 

As your toes sink further into the sand, you feel the wet sand firming under your feet, holding you.

Waves gently continue to wash over the sand toward you… swirling gently around your ankles. As they recede you see the sand clinging to your toes…. over and over the waves come and go. In and out…

When you are ready, step forward deeper into the sea. 

Feel the water come up over your knees… providing relief from the heat….slowly walk out further into that crystal clear, blue water.

Only go as far as you feel safe.

You can see the white sand underneath you … you relax and go deeper and deeper, further and further out.

The water is a pleasant, relaxing temperature…. providing relief from the hot sun… cool but not cold. Holding you…it’s the most beautiful feeling.

Take your time. There is no hurry. Float and swim, enjoy drifting, being held…. enjoy the ocean for a few minutes more… and maybe a few more after that… the sand is so clear and white beneath you ..there is nothing here to harm you… just a sense of release and peace and serenity…the water feels exquisite against your skin… continue to float and drift …float and drift.

Small white clouds move past you overhead. 

There is no hurry.

You feel calm, refreshed…at peace.

Slowly you walk out of the water and back onto the beach.

You have no worries… no stress.

You are calm, refreshed and at peace.

Sit or lie down on the warm sand, feel the sun on your face .. the breeze…. watch and listen to the waves…

If there is any other tension at all, now is the time to let it drift away. 

When you are ready to come back to the present, do so gently and slowly.

Take your time.

Keep with you that feeling of deep calm and relaxation…. yet ready to return to your perfect day.

Peace and serenity.

Gently open your eyes, stretch your muscles… 


PS: If you’re not in the mood for a guided exercise, check out this track on YouTube – I love it.