“Going Grey” isn’t for the faint-hearted.

For several years I had asked my hairdresser if I could go grey. His answer was usually “no” citing he didn’t feel I had enough grey for it to look good. However, I persisted.

I was tired of coloring and felt that it was time.

Two years ago, without telling a soul, I started the transition. I had devised a plan that I though would be make my transition nearly unnoticeable to others. So, I kept my secret until it was nearly over.

For the most part, I’ve kept this process quiet. However, a dear friend who asked me if I would share what I had done and the reasons why.

So in spite of all my discrete scheming it occurred to me that this may help you too.

For this process I suggest that you not only have a wonderful relationship with your hairdresser but that you also have good products.

The first step is not to underestimate the process.
Going grey isn’t easy. It’s HARD. It’s a big decision. And I’m not so sure it’s for everyone. It’s about acknowledging your aging process and ultimately, your mortality. Grey hair is symbolically the opposite of youth!

Secondly, there may be times where you want to go back. However, if you do, it’s a major setback. Once you put color back into your hair to cover the grey, you have to start over again. If you’re reading this, you’ve done it and have spent years fine tuning and perfecting your color. This would be a disappointment!

I’m not going to lie, it’s a long process. Especially if you have longer hair. However, there is good news.

For many of us, the end result feels and looks fabulous. If you are like me, you won’t be planning on going back to coloring your hair.

To begin, I started by using hair products that promote healthy hair, greater hair volume and regrowth. I chose a shampoo, conditioner and serum specialized for hair regrowth.

Then I spoke with my hairdresser who cuts and colours well. Yours should too as mastery of both are required and you’ll need to work together to plan the process.

As you start to grow out your hair, have your hairdresser colour the tips of your hair to match your hair roots. From time to time, pop extra “streaks of silver” and a gloss over the top. This means that from the beginning you don’t have “tiger stripes” and your hair looks shiny and healthy.

As your hair grows out, the amount of colouring you will use for the “ends” will become less and less.

By using the right products, your hair will respond by looking “fuller” and “healthier”. And one of the side benefits is that your skin tone will look better as well. Did you know that our skin tone fades as we age? If you don’t acknowledge that process with your added “colour”, your lines and wrinkles will look more prominent. Who wants that?

I continue to use these products that support my hair growth and volume (I’ve grown back widow’s peaks and a receding hairline) and my hair has never been or looked healthier.

gradual greying progression shots

I LOVE what my hair now looks like. I have a natural curl which I straighten every day…otherwise, itbecomes “wild”. It’s like having the hair I had as a kid. It’s gone from being “ok” or “nice” to FABULOUS. And believe me, I’m not in a hurry to wander away from what is working.

Even my hairdresser is impressed. He can’t believe the changes in my hair and is the first to take photos to show others!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and strategies on going grey!

Reach out here on my site or message me via my FaceBook group. I’m happy to privately share the products I’m using and (if you’re in Perth) my fabulous hairdresser’s name and contact info.