Have you thought about your skincare routine recently?

Is it the same as it was twelve months ago? Six months ago? If so, it’s time for a change.

We can all become complacent with our skincare rituals.

It’s easy to not see what’s happening and to continue on the same path without making any changes. Laziness is partly to blame as is lack of believe that anything actually works.

We’ve been marketed to, sold faux miracle treatments and sometimes even damaged our skin in the pursuit of younger-looking skin. Thought this we’ve spent a fortune in the process.

I’m the age that I am. However, my aim is to look the best that I possibly can for my age without any surgical or botox intervention.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin is as important as having the right mindset. Call it vanity but I will not let go of wanting that skin I’m comfortable in to look smooth, hydrated, refreshed and glowing!

My bathroom is my sanctuary. It’s a wondrous place that sets me up for my day and revives me when I am feeling tired.

If you are like me, you are only interested in what works to make your skin look and feel better and don’t want to waste time or money.

This has always been a challenge. I’ve tried myriads of products over my lifetime and grown skeptical, if not jaded regarding skincare products. 

My criteria:
Botanically Derived
Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Oh yeah… and actually work. ;-)

So, what do I use?

I love the ageLOC program from NuSkin over and above everything else I’ve ever tried. Over the decades I’ve tried most companies products from expensive to inexpensive, through dermatologists to beauticians to drug store over-the-counter.

The science NuSkin has developed targets your genes and gets them to behave in a younger way. Think of it as going back in time, resetting your body clock. Younger acting genes, younger looking (and feeling) you.

Every time I deviate from my now tried-and-true regimen and try different products, I wind up disappointed and the challengers wind up in the waste bin. Why use something if it doesn’t work?

Beauty Tools

I love my beauty tools. I can tell when I don’t use them. If I fall away from my routine, a quick “schoozz” and my skin bounces back to where it was before. Probably no surprise here, they also come from the folks at NuSkin who by the way has been perennially crowned The #1 Beauty Device Researcher and Manufacture in the world for at-home beauty devices.

What tools do I use?

A two-minute Lumi Spa session, twice every day, in the shower or bath for exfoliating, cleansing and switching collagen production back on. A Galvanic Spa for five minutes twice per week, for hydrating, lifting, contouring and lymphatic drainage.

My “spa” sessions are supported by the AgeLOC ME system which delivers customized serums and creams that intelligently change as my skins’ needs change month to month.

Herbal and Mineral Bath

Regular herbal and mineral bath help a great deal and also make me feel pampered. I always follow with a body moisturizer which rejuvenates cell growth.

Regular Moisture

I always carry a moisturizer for that part of the day when one’s skin invariably looks tired. A quick spritz of NAPCa (hyaluronic acid, an inexpensive and light moisturizer) and my skin plumps back up to how I want it to look.


Having a regular mask is the one game-changing routine I’m still trying to get good at. Every time I have one, I swear to myself  I will do this again soon. They also make a difference in how I feel about my day. They are not only calming for your skin, but they are also soothing for your soul. Meditative even. When I’m at my best, it’s three masks per week.

Changing up your routine truly does make all the difference.


– SueMac

If you want to give my routine a try, below you’ll find my affiliate links to the products I use and adore!

Lumi Spa
Galvanic Spa
ageLOC Me
Perennial Moisturizing Cream Masks (of all sorts, but particularly the ageLOC Galvanic Mask which is dreamy)
Herbal Mineral Bath Wash
NaPCa Moisture Mist

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